We offer our most sincere thanks to all supporters of Hana Financial Group

Ham Young-joo
Chief Executive Officer of Hana Financial GroupHam Young-joo

Dear our valued customers, shareholders,
business partners and all other stakeholders.

I sincerely thank for your loyalty and continued support for Hana Financial Group. I am deeply honored and humbled to have been entrusted with the responsibility to lead Hana Financial Group and work to create a new roadmap for our company at this critical juncture in global financial industry. I promise to put all my effort into developing Hana Financial Group into the greatest financial institution in Asia.

To this end, we will first focus on maximizing our unique strengths and capitalize upon them to enhance our non-banking business portfolio. While our traditional channels and face-to-face interaction will remain important providing ‘human touch’ in business, we will also need to innovate our digital channels in order to build a true omni-channel in which offline and online channels are organically combined to provide a seamless customer experience. With this, we aim to enhance our competitiveness in asset management, corporate financial services and non-financial business sectors.

Second, we will focus on increasing the global status of Hana Financial Group into one of the world’s leading financial institutions. While our localization strategy in Asian markets will still continue, we will expand our non-banking business activities in overseas as well as seeking other opportunities through purchase of shares and M&As. We will also enhance our capabilities in IB and corporate finance by supporting domestic companies operating business in advanced markets such as Europe and the American region.

Lastly, we will continue our pursuit for digital innovation. High-performing organizations are those that can make most use of advanced technologies and people power as needed. To achieve this, we will invest more actively in fostering digitally-enabled talents and start-ups and adopt advanced digital technologies such as the Open APIs. By leveraging both our internal and external capabilities, we aim to evolve into a truly open financial service platform designed to cater for the needs of our customers and moreover all the people in our society.

Hana Financial Group will continue to make its utmost effort to become a financial institution where all members of our group - customers, employees and shareholders and the society - grow together and share happiness. Once again, I deeply thank for your continued support and I promise that your voice will be always heard as we move towards a new future.