Hana Financial Group expects Hana People to demonstrate Humanity, First Mover, and Growth Mind.

Specifically, HFG encourages its staff and leaders to show, based upon the 5 Core Values and Integrity, Humanity for the People, First Mover for the future, and Growth Mind for the Development.

Indicators of change in behavior

  • Humanity for the People

    Humanity for the People
    Staff Leaders
    Have a one-team spirit Are respectful and considerate
    Honor diversity Identify collaborative tasks
    Actively engage in collaboration Accelerate cooperation and create synergy
  • First Mover for the Future

    First Mover for the Future
    Staff Leaders
    Focus on change and innovation Drive change and innovation
    Execute quickly Support timely implementation
    Aim for excellence Lead by examples
  • Growth Mind for the Development

    Growth Mind for the Development
    Staff Leaders
    Set up goals for growth Offer guidelines for setting goals
    Carry out growth plans Provide coaching and feedbacks
    Are self-motivated Promote an environment for growth