At the beginning of unfolding the story of human growth

The members of Hana consider themselves as global citizens.
The members look into the world, beyond Korea.
Do you feel like you are a big fish in a little pond? You can challenge yourself in the global markets, and HFG will blaze the way.

하나금융그룹 교육제도

Making Forays into the World

HFG holds world-class training programs to foster globally competitive financial professionals.

  • Global Specialist Course

    MBAs and task-oriented MS courses at Korean and overseas universities, short-term global specialist courses, domestic and overseas financial expert courses, degree programs to foster overseas specialists

    ※ Every year, around 40 employees complete MBAs or MS courses at home and abroadds world-class training programs to foster globally competitive financial professionals.

  • Overseas regional specialist program
    Overseas branach OJT

  • Language education programs

    Language education courseworks, support for self-development expenses, internal language examination

Top-caliber financial experts

Our employees are provided with systemic training programs that help them grow into top-caliber financial experts.

  • Certificate support programs

    HFG supports for educational expenses and registration fee of finance certificates, including CFAS or CFPs, and conducts education courses to acquire certificates

  • Intensive financial expert training programs

  • Career Development Program

    HFG provides employees with diverse and systemic specialist training programs

    ※ All the employees of Hana Financial Group are fostered as financial experts in various areas, including personal banking, corporate banking, asset management, investment banking, and treasury through borderless training programs in banking, securities, credit card, IB, insurance, and capital.

Leadership Programs of Hana Financial Group

HFG nutures leadership of its employees as it grows into a global top 50 financial group.

  • Hana leadership development

    Through the Hana Leadership Pipeline, HFG provide a systematic leadership developent program for all employees from new recruits to managers.

  • Top Talent Management

    HFG conducts a Succession Planning program to evaluate and select core personnel for key positions every year. Comprised of top management, the Talent Development Committee selects talented employees, deliberates on HR development programs, and identifies future candidates for management within the group. Through the program, core personnel are able to improve their leadership and experience challenging tasks.