ESG Management System

A healthy and robust governance structure is essential for a company's sustainable growth, and it is a crucial factor in determining the value of a company. Hana Financial Group establishes and operates a dedicated team for ESG management to support transparent and responsible decision-making.

Sustainability Management Committee

In March 2021, Hana Financial Group established the Sustainability Management Committee within its board of directors in order to develop and implement policies for sustainability management, including ESG management. The committee holds a meeting once every half year, reviewing and resolving the Group's sustainability management strategy and policies, the status of implementation of sustainability management projects, and major activities for creating social value.

Sustainability Management Promotion Committee

Hana Financial Group has established the Sustainability Management Promotion Committee, which is composed of representatives such as the Chairman of the Group and the CEOs of various affiliated companies, to formulate policies related to sustainability management, including ESG. The committee aims to enhance the ESG management capabilities and execution of affiliated companies by operating the Sustainability Management Working Committee under the Sustainability Management Promotion Committee.

Comparison of Dedicated Organizations

Comparison of Dedicated Organizations
Classification Sustainability Management Committee Sustainability Management Promotion Committee
Organization Committee within the board of directors "Social Value Management Committee" (name changed)
Composition Minimum of 3 inside and outside Group Chairman and CEOs of affiliated companies, etc.
Activities Group ESG strategy/policy decision
Review and resolution on the status of the implementation of sustainability anagement projects)
Preliminary examination of agenda for the Sustainability Management Committee
Reporting the progress of ESG implementation to the board of directors
Delivery of ESG implementation tasks to operations
Meetings Semi-annually Semi-annually / Twice a year

Composition of ESG Management Dedicated Organization