Hana Financial Group Vision and Mission
  • Integrity
    • Mission
      • Growing Together, SharingHappiness
    • Vision 2030
      • All Connected in Hana Finance
    • Strategic goals
      • O.N.E. value 2030
        • Our value, Act Upon Hana Financial Group’s Values of Putting Customers First
        • New value, Create New Values by Achieving Sustainability
        • Extra value, Provide Greater Value by Responding Proactively to Changes
    • Main theme
      • C-O-N-NE-C-T
        • Closer to customers
        • One lifelong partnership
        • Next generation CIB
        • NEw perspectives on value
        • Cultivate investment capabilities
        • Transmit tech DNA
    • Core value
      • Passion
      • Openness
      • With Customer
      • Excellence
      • Respect


함께 성장하며
    Growing Together
  • Fostering a Great Work Environment
  • Being Socially Responsible
  • Driving Happy Growth
  • At Hana Financial Group, we aspire to grow with our customers, employees, shareholders, and society and are committed to advancing sustainable growth and fulfilling our social responsibilities.
Sharing Happiness
    Sharing Happiness
  • Upholding Shared Values
  • Making Positive Social Impact
  • Pursuing Happiness for All Members
  • Hana Financial Group will continue to serve its role as a leading financial institution while promoting happiness for all stakeholders.

Hana Financial Group’s mission defines our determination and commitment to meeting the demands of and responding to changes of our time and undertaking corporate social responsibilities.

For a better world, Hana Financial Group supports activities that enable all stakeholders to grow together and aims to drive “Happy Growth,” by delivering sustainable and socially responsible solutions.

Building upon our past experiences and success stories, Hana Financial Group will continue to perform our role as a leading financial institution, share the gains with the stakeholders, and mobilize financial solutions to create shared values, leading the way to promote happiness for all members of society.

Vision 2030

All Connected in Hana Finance

The vision underscores our commitment to providing an innovative, unique platform that powers everyone to explore financial services without any barriers and creating new financial values grounded in trust.

We are determined to “Connect” in a “Hana” way to provide “Finance” that is beyond the traditional boundaries of finance for “All.”

Hana Financial Group is committed to revolutionizing the financial world through the connection of new services and talents.


It means providing “Finance” beyond the traditional boundaries of finance for “All.”

It is Hana Financial Group’s promise to take a lead in not only delivering financial services for customers, shareholders, and society but also achieving sustainability in business to grow together and fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Hana Financial Group All
  • A convergent ecosystem that connects all stakehold-ers and services
  • Going beyond financial services to create a world every-body yearns for


It reflects Hana Financial Group’s efforts to connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, bridge the present and the future, and bring cherished values beyond the boundaries of finance.

It is our determination to create a new, better world by providing financial services to anyone in need at anytime, anywhere utilizing our innovative platform advanced by the digital financial revolution.

Hana Financial Group Time-space,Future,Value
  • Time-space / Provide financial services anywhere, anytime
  • Future / Respond to the present and prepare for the future
  • Value / Transform diverse ideas into the best solutionss

In Hana Finance

It represents our commitment to trust and innovation. Hana Financial Group promises to lead changes by taking on bold challenges, providing convenient and new experiences to everyone in the digital age, and delivering righteous finance.

We will leverage solutions unique to Hana to offer easy and convenient service, revolutionary and differentiated customer experience, and sustainable and reliable values.

Hana Financial Group Hana Finance
  • Convenient / Readily accessible and convenient for all
  • Special / Customer-centered, new, and diverse
  • Trustworthy / Ethical, reliable, stable, and secure
  • Determined / Leading bold changes without any fear of failure

Since its foundation in 1971, Hana Financial Group has adopted flexible strategies and renewed business models to overcome challenges posed by turbulent market conditions. Our success stories guided us to become a leading financial service firm in Korea, and as an established leader, it is time for us to set a new vision and strategic goals to respond effectively to rapid changes in internal and external environments.

Hana Financial Group’s vision demonstrates its commitment to building an innovative, unique platform that enables everyone to navigate the financial world and creating new financial values based on trust.

Our vision comes to life through three keywords: Innovation, Trust, and Platform. They further carry the Group’s purpose of providing “Finance Beyond the Traditional Boundaries of Finance For All” by “Connecting Anyone Anytime and Anywhere, Connecting to the Future, and Connecting Values” in “Ways Unique to Hana.” We will strive to become the No.1 financial group in Asia together with our customers, shareholders, and society by implementing an innovative business model centered around customers to advance value-adding growth, not mere growth in numbers.

Strategic Goal

O.N.E. value 2030

Hana Financial Group Strategic Target for Achieving the Vision
  • Hana Financial Group’s strategic goals to live our values and visions shift the focus from numbers to values.
    • Our value,Act Upon Hana Financial Group’s Values of Putting Customers Firsz
      • The Most Customer-centered Group
        • Revamping the way we deliver values to our customers and providing customer-oriented solutions that cover both financial and non-financial sectors
        • Striving to offer unparalleled customer experience based on a holistic understanding of the customers
    • New value, Create New Values by Achieving Sustainability
      • The Most Respected Group
        • Leading the ESG transition at the forefront instead of acting as a passive “fast-follower”
        • Promoting the happiness of everyone, including our customers, employees, shareholders, and society, through the creation of shared values
    • Extra value, Provide Greater Value by Responding Proactively to Changes change
      • The Most Innovative Group
        • Securing future capabilities by making active investments that cut across different industries
        • Building a strong basis in the realms of talent, technology, organization, and corporate culture to respond proactively to changes