Growing Together


엄마 아빠 아들 딸 4인 가족이 들판에 앉아 함께 웃고 있는 사진
  • A financial company that
    brings happiness to
    employees, shareholders, and society

    Hana Financial Group
    aims to always do its best to provide opportunities for self-realization for employees, help customers increase their assets and business growth, and contribute to the prosperity of society while increasing shareholder value.

  • Financial services for everyone
    connected by Hana

    Hana Financial Group
    constantly strives to provide financial services that customers, shareholders, and society all need, work towards sustainable management that allows everyone to grow together, and realize social value.

  • Leaping forward to
    become the top
    financial group in Asia

    Starting as Korea Investment Finance in 1971, transforming into Hana Bank in 1991, and then taking off as a comprehensive financial group in 2005, Hana Financial Group makes value-oriented leaps based on a customer-centric, innovative, future-ready business model to become the best financial group in Asia.