External Evaluation

Hana Financial Group is committed to promoting sustainable management based on communication with diverse stakeholders, in order to become "Financial services for everyone connected by Hana."

Sustainability Management Performance

다우존스 로고

Dow Jones Sustainability Index

“S&P Dow Jones Index” of “S&P Global”, the world's largest financial information institution, takes into consideration not just economic performance but also a company's ESG performance as well

Key Achievements

  • Achieved “World’s No. 1” in the DJSI banking industry evaluation in 2022
  • Included in the DJSI Asia Pacific Index for six consecutive years in 2021
  • Included in the DJSI World Index in 2022
  • Included in the DJSI Korea Index for three consecutive years
모건스탠리캐피털 로고

Morgan Stanley Capital International

A global stock index, which is prepared and published by Morgan Stanley Capital International, and widely recognized as a standard benchmark for global investment funds

Key Achievements

  • Received AA rating in 2022


An ESG evaluation agency that was established in 1992, which integrates and applies ESG factors through its methodology of evaluating companies in the field of finance such as those dealing in funds and stocks

Key Achievements

  • 24.5 Medium Risk
블룸버그 로고

Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

This index assesses companies based on five areas, including female leadership and talent development, equal pay for the same job and equal gender pay, inclusive culture, sexual harassment prevention policy, and external branding, through corporate gender data. As of 2022, 418 companies from 45 countries and 11 sectors are included in the index.

Key Achievements

  • Included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index (GEI) for two consecutive years in 2023
탄소정보공개프로젝트 로고

Carbon Disclosure Project

This is a global initiative evaluation agency in the environmental sector and an international non-profit organization established in 2000. It collects and provides information on ESG management for companies worldwide through its own disclosure system in an effort to aid investors.

Key Achievements

  • Leadership A-
  • Selected for two consecutive years as a member of the financial sector's Honors Club
한국esg기준원 로고

Korea Institute of Corporate Governance and Sustainability

As a leading ESG evaluation agency in Korea, the organization is dedicated to promoting the development of the domestic capital market and improving corporate governance of listed companies. It establishes key standards and conducts research on ESG evaluations and policies in order to drive activation.

Key Achievements (As of 2021)

  • Comprehensive ESG rating
  • Environmental rating
  • Social rating
  • Governance rating