Hana Investors Services is a fund accounting and administration company that was established in accordance with Article 254 of the Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act. The company is mainly engaged in calculating the net asset value of funds and offers full support and systems related to investment asset compliance, performance analysis, risk management, order management and other operations. Since its inception, Hana Investors Services has grown rapidly by focusing on customer-oriented solutions and serving a broad array of institutional investors, such as asset managers, public and corporate pensions, insurers, and bank trust accounts.

The company has gained unparalleled strength in the areas of pensions and insurers by providing complete and customized fund accounting and administrative services for major domestic pension funds and most domestic insurance companies (including foreign insurers in Korea). In particular, the company offers the highest quality of service for the insurance products and retirement pension assets of insurers. Furthermore, the company operates a separate and specialized system, Korea’s first such system, designed to support the bank trust account assets and general account assets of insurers.

Hana Investors Services will continue to value its customers and markets, and will ever seek to grow as the best fund accounting and administration entity in Korea and an international company that meets global standards.

  • Founded in April 1, 2003
  • Tel: 82-2-6714-4600
  • Adr: 43, Dadong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Oh Sang-young, President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Major products and services
  • NAV calculation and accounting documentation for assets in trust
  • Post-trade compliance monitoring of funds (limited to assets in discretionary accounts)
  • Fund administration services (for mutual funds)
  • Risk management services
  • Portfolio management services
  • Comprehensive report documentation service