Hana Asset Management Asia(“HAMA”) is an Asian-based asset management company, established in July 2021, to strengthen global business and expand non-banking business areas that Hana Financial Group(“HFG”) has been continuously pursuing.

HAMA is located in Singapore, which is rapidly emerging as an Asian financial hub, and plans to invest in various alternative assets to diversify HFG's profit base, focusing on Southeast Asia and Oceania regions, which have high growth potential in the future.

In collaboration with HFG’s global networks, we will build Best Practices to create synergy and serve as a bridgehead for entering into advanced markets.

  • Date of Establishment: July 15, 2021
  • Tel: +65 - 6408 - 0132
  • Adr: 88 Market Street, #39-10, 048948, CapitaSpring
Oh Tae-kyun, President & Chief Executive Officer

  • Fund accounting and calculation of net asset value of funds
  • Trading system