After his inauguration in 2012, Chairman Kim Jung-tai reestablished the long-term corporate value framework of Hana Financial Group in response to the rapidly emerging “new normal” era and redefined the group’s mission of “Growing Together, Sharing Happiness.”

The meaning of “Happy Finance” is built on the assumption that our financial services should bring happiness to everyone, thus, it is one of the missions of Hana Financial Group to grow together with our customers and share in their happiness through finance. Happy employees, happy customers, and a happy society are the goals pursued by the “Happy Finance” of Hana Financial Group.

In line with the words of Joel A. Barker, “Vision without action is merely a dream,” Chairman Kim, with a strong passion to make major achievements based on small, simple steps taken together with all employees, constantly interacts and communicates with Hana employees and encourages them to adopt a “small, but big mindset.” This mindset promotes the belief that small steps will eventually lead to the realization of a much bigger dream.

Chairman Kim Jung-tai sets an example through his confidence in a service-oriented management that focuses on experience at the worksite. When Chairman Kim was the president of Hana Bank, employees encountered him more often than other executives. Chairman Kim's leadership style is characterized as "helper leadership," which focuses on employee participation in a joyful work environment

In his inaugural speech, Chairman Kim announced that he would become a helper of employees by listening to their views and sharing their concerns. As a helper, Kim explained, he would assist employees in creating a joyful workplace, overcoming the conventional hierarchical structure that emphasizes top-down decision-making processes.

In meetings with them, he encourages executives and directors to become true leaders who support employees with clear directions and continual encouragement to reinvigorate their participation in the growth of the group.

When they first visit the chairman's office, visitors are likely to be confused by its doorplate. Instead of “Chairman's Office,” it reads "Joy Together," and the door is always unlocked. The initials of “Joy Together” are the same as those of his given name - "J" and "T." Thus, "Joy Together" conveys the chairman's intention of ensuring borderless, heart-to-heart communication. In addition, Chairman Kim suggests that individual self-esteem and happiness may be derived from deep gratitude for others and oneself, which in turn comes from openness with mutual respect and care.