With the aim of becoming a trusted, premier global financial group, Hana Financial Group conducts its sustainable management activities based on clear communications with diverse stakeholders.

The 2017 Sustainability Report presents the outcomes of the sustainable management activities that the Group carried out in 2017 and the Group’s plans for future activities, focusing on three key strategies and six major issues of the Group, which are in compliance with the SDGs of the United Nations.

Readers can review the specific details and accomplishments of the sustainable management activities carried out by the Group in areas related to the economy, environment and society from January 1 to December 31, 2017. In addition, some activities carried out in 2018 that do not fall within the reporting period have also been included, due to their significance to the Group of necessity of prompt coverage. To commemorate the publication of the 11th Sustainability Report, this report also covers the milestone achievements of Hana Financial Group’s corporate social responsibility activities over the past 11 years.

The 2017 Sustainability Report of Hana Financial Group is prepared in accordance with the reporting principles of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards and contains an in-depth report on matters that are of greatest importance to stakeholders, based on as assessment for their respective priority levels.

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Growing together and sharing happiness with you, Hana Financial Group published the 10th Sustainability Report. Shall we find out Hana Financial Group’s activities in 2016?

As a financial Service leader for the future, Hana Financial Group is utilizing new financial technology to provide more convenient and safe financial service. By protecting our customers’ valuable assets from voice phishing, we prevented the annual loss of KRW 9 billion.

To become a reliable company, Hana Financial Group is devoted to fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility. We provide financial education for children and teenagers to develop a good financial habit, and contribute to the resettlement of North Korean refugees and their talent development in preparation for the era of Korean unification.

To promote a coexisting business, Hana Financial Group is proactively investing in eco-friendly activities. For the first time in the financial industry, we have introduced the Certified Electronic Document Center, with a plan of reducing our paper usage by more than 80%. We also strived to secure eco-friendly and safe energy by investing in renewable energy sectors.

As a responsible financial company, Hana Financial Group will be wholly dedicated to the one goal: your happiness.

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