Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

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Reinforcing trust through 'customer-centric' approach to risk management

Hana Financial Group places top priority on the protection of consumers’ rights and interests as an essential part of ESG, its sustainability management philosophy.
Meanwhile, the consumer protection paradigm is shifting from regulatory response and internal control to preemptive risk management from the standpoint of consumers. To proactively address these changes, Hana Financial Group created the Consumer Risk Management Group in January 2021, marking a first among financial companies in Korea, in a bid to shift awareness from “finance company-focused” risk management to “consumer-centric” risk management.

First financial company to create a Consumer Risk Management Committee

Hana Financial Group launched the Consumer Risk Management Committee within its Board of Directors in March 2021 to establish a systematic consumer risk management framework within the Group. The committee works tirelessly to ensure the overall consumer risk management of the Group by making decisions on the Group’s consumer risk management policies and reviewing the consumer risk management activities of subsidiaries.

In April 2021, the Consumer Risk Management Committee approved a policy on realizing the vision of “building stronger trust with customers through customer-centric risk management.” Under this vision and policy, the Group aims to establish governance for consumer risk management, and subsidiaries will analyze and manage risk factors related to product development, marketing, and follow-up services. By doing this, Hana Financial Group expects to build a complete consumer protection system.

02 안전한 금융, 신뢰의 금융, 철저하고 다양한 보안서비스

The financial service industry places top priority on maintaining the confidence of customers by safeguarding their assets and personal information. In line with the changing environment of the industry, Hana Financial Group is making multifaceted efforts to protect the valuable assets of its customers.

Hana Financial Group has introduced a highly advanced security system to provide secure Internet banking services and operates a DDoS attack interception system in order to defend against external cyber-attacks.

Moreover, the Group offers various security services designed to prevent losses due to financial fraud and is working to prevent financial accidents by building a database of information suspicious of hacking using its independently developed customer protection system, which was the first of its kind in the nation.

03 소중한 손님의 소중한 정보, 철저한 개인정보보호

Hana Financial Group drafted its “Personal Information Protection Regulation” in order to ensure that the provision and use of customer credit information among its subsidiaries remains in compliance with the Financial Holding Companies Act and related laws, thereby exercising strict control over the credit information of customers at all subsidiaries of the Group.

Through the mandatory installation of a personal information protection system on the personal computers of all employees, the personal information stored on staff members’ computers is strictly controlled. In addition, an email transmission system was established that requires the approval of a manager before allowing the transmission of any email containing personal information, proving the Group’s dedication to the protection of its customers’ personal information.