The Daejeon Hana Citizen Football Club, which plays in the K-League of the Korean Professional Football League, was founded in March 1997 through a consortium of companies with relationships to the regions of Daejeon-si and Chungcheongnam-do. Afterwards, having converted into a citizen’s club, it joined the Hana Financial Group in January 2020.

It was reestablished as a corporate club towards forming a soccer infrastructure, finding out and cultivating good youth soccer px-layers, developing local sports and contributing to societal harmony that ultimately increases the quality of life for people. In the future, the Hana Financial Group will do its utmost to bring new life to the idea of a “Special Soccer City of Daejeon” not only through ESG activities such as various local-based activities together with the Daejeon Hana Citizen Football Club, but also through the use of soccer colors that are vibrant, young, and dynamic.