You stay eight hours at work a day.
Hana Financial Group is making the best possible work environment for you to enjoy the time.
We encourage our employees to solve problems by interacting with each other through collective learning processes. We also foster a wide range of activities reflecting our corporate culture and values, such as cooking classes, rafting, and temple stays, making the workplace healthier.
We also provide our employees with refreshing vacation time to boost their creativity and performance.
At this moment, the best talents of the Hana Financial Group enjoy working in a pleasant environment.

We conduct around 160 Community of Practice programs for employees to resolve
their problems in the workplace through learning processes and pursue
knowledge-based management, building the culture of learning.

  • CoP includes various fields such as research on China, Japan, and Indonesia,
    volunteer works, and finance.
  • At CoP conference at year-end, HFG shares annual activity report and awards
    outstanding participants.

No more annual paid vacation for benefits! Employees are allowed to utilize their
precious vacation time to have more freshes.

Healthy soul and mind are the basis of happiness.
Hana Financial Group takes care of the mental health of its employees and their families through consultation provided by outside and inside counselors.
HFG invites employees' parents to the company on Parents' Day and holds events for their children on Children's Day.
Taking care of the happiness of employees and their families, Hana Financial Group is full of satisfied employees.

  • HFG provides a stress management program for our employees through consultation
    with inside and outside professional counselors.
  • HFG offers emoloyees with a variety of activities such as cooking classes, strolling
    in an ancient palace, rafting, baking, temple stays, and visits to
    art museums to share its corporate culture and values.

HFG encourages employees to leave work at six o'clock on Wednesday as part of Month of Family

HFG provides its employees' children with Hana Dream Camp
in summer, Ski Camp in winter, on-the-spot experience study
in spring and autumn seasons.

No more get-togethers that press a drink on you! HFG creates
productive corpoarte culture by encouraging employees'
participation in cultural performances instead of drinks.