Although born only recently, Hana Bank is already the country’s top-rated bank, with the largest assets in Korea as of June, 2015. Based on a network of 199 branches in 24 counties―more than any other Korean bank―Hana Bank will strengthen its position as a global bank and seek to enhance Korea’s position by actively engaging on the world stage. A global bank that represents Korea, Hana Bank will always be with you, our customers.

  • Tel: +82-2-1599-1111, +82-2-1588-1111
  • Adr: 35, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Park Sung-ho, President

Upon entering the New Normal era and amid the changes in the financial environment that it brought at home and abroad, Hana Bank has sought to define a new role and direction forward befitting its status and potential as a bank. As a result, it has established a new vision, mission, and set of values. Hana Bank’s new vision is in line with the new vision of Hana Financial Group (HFG) and embodies the strong principle of building trust with all interested parties. Hana Bank will provide long-term satisfaction to its broad customer base and build a strong relationship based on trust through continuous communication and consistent management activities.

Hana Bank’s new mission is identical to that of HFG, and demonstrates the Bank’s determination to actively participate in the demands and changes of modern times and fulfill its social responsibility. Hana Bank will conduct activities that enable all interested parties working to create a better society to grow together while pursuing “healthy growth,” which is about achieving a balance between growth and social responsibility. As in the past, Hana Bank will continue to faithfully carry out its role while sharing the benefits of growth with all interested parties, and actively contribute to increasing the happiness of all society by creating shared value through finance.

Our people at Hana Bank, or “Hana-people,” as we call them, have their own way of thinking and a creative and powerful corporate culture. The core values that they share and practice are one of our most valuable intangible assets, acting as the criteria for value judgments and corporate activities.

The following are Hana Bank's major products and services
Deposits, Household loans, Business loans, Trusts, Credit cards, International foreign-exchange services, Bancassurance