Today, we stand at the brink of the fourth industrial revolution, where IT is leading the development and innovation of all industries, including finance.In this time of great transformation, Hana Financial Group is reinventing itself as a global digital financial group with the new vision of developing as a "customer-oriented, data-based information company."

At Hana TI, each and every employeeis dedicated to growing as a major component of the company’s core growth engine, which plays a pivotal role in the company’s advancement into the global market. Through its “Digital Transformation”, based on new technologies, Hana TI is working to attain"Growing Together, Sharing Happiness".

  • Founded in August 1990
  • Tel: +82)2-2151-6400
  • Adr: 167, Eco-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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Park, Geun-Young, CEO

IT partner that is the core growth engine of Hana Financial Group

  • Financial IT service for the group
  • System integration service
  • Knowledge service
  • Electronic Document Certification Service