Founded in 2004, after receiving authorization to operate a trust company, Hana Asset Trust has experienced rapid growth by breathing new vitality into the real estate investment trust business through its customer-centered management practices. This has led to the top position in the industry with a net profit of KRW 92.7 billion in 2021.
Furthermore, in 2006, Hana Asset Trust established Hana Daol Fund Management, the first real estate asset management company in Korea. Since then, HDFM has grown to become a company that provides a comprehensive range of real estate-related services.
In March 2010, Hana Asset Trust embarked on a new beginning as a member of the leading domestic financial company Hana Financial Group. Through connections with HFG-affiliated companies, it has been able to provide comprehensive real estate services to its customers by introducing a variety of advanced financial techniques and developing new products.
All employees have pledged to do their absolute best to make Hana Asset Trust a leader in domestic real estate finance and ensure the continued support of its customers. Once again, Hana Asset Trust expresses its deepest gratitude to all of its customers for their support.

  • Founded in June 15, 1999
  • Tel: +82)2-3287-4600
  • Adr: 127, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Kwan-Shik Min, CEO

“Heart in the sky, feet on the ground”
Letting its heart and dreams fly high in the sky, but keeping its feet and understanding of reality firmly on the ground while serving its customers with humility, Hana Asset Trust aims to create a new paradigm in the real estate asset trust business and propose a fresh vision for the future.

Based on the professionalism of its real estate personnel, its faith in its clients, and its global network, Hana Asset Trust will become a leading comprehensive real estate company in Korea, providing a wide range of services including real estate business planning, development and operation of strategic products, and real estate finance.

Collateral trust, proxy business, lot sale management trust, land trust, management trust, disposal trust, PFV, real estate consulting and mediation, REITs