Customers are not only depositing money; they are depositing happiness, and thinking of their future in six months, three years,
and 10 years down the road.

What customers borrow is not only money; they borrow hope for their family, dreams of success, opportunities for a better life, and happiness, in both the present and the future.

The reason why customers seek out and consult with finance professionals is, ultimately, to find greater happiness.

The starting point of happiness is finance, and at the end of happiness is also finance!
The unchangeable and ultimate value of finance is happiness.

This is the philosophy of Hana Financial Group with respect to our customers.

  • With true speed and sincerity rather than a mere semblance of quickness and honesty, we provide customized services to each and every customer (Ranked No.1 on the NCSI in Korea).

  • We help our customers design their future and dreams for a happy life after retirement.