Hana Financial Group's new mission is a declaration of its determination to actively participate in the demands and changes of the times and fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.

In performing activities that contribute to the growth of all shareholders engaged in efforts to create a better society, Hana Financial Group pursues healthy growth by balancing its essential growth as a business and its social responsibilities.

Hana Financial Group will continue to carry out its fundamental roles, share the profits from growth with all shareholders, and create shared value through finance as we actively participate in the pursuit of happiness for members of society.

Since its establishment in 1971, Hana Financial Group has employed a variety of strategies and converted its business model to overcome numerous market change-induced management crises, establishing itself as one of Korea's top three financial groups.
Towards active and effective response to rapid internal and external changes in today's finance world, it has formed a new vision and strategic target.

Hana Financial Group's vision means everyone is able to take advantage of financing through a single innovative platform and of creating new value for finance through the strengthening of trust.

Around this vision, the three major keywords for Hana Financial Group’s progress have been set as Innovation, Trust, and Platform, which include the following meanings: 1. By the Hana method; 2. Connecting space-time, future, and value; and 3. Beyond finance for all.

Through innovative business models that are customer-centered and future-oriented, Hana Financial Group is pursuing development not centered around growth but around value, and is working to become the No. 1 financial group for Korea and all of Asia, bringing our customers, stockholders, and society with us.

1. ‘By the Hana method’signifies a desire for trust and innovation, a commitment to providing easy, convenient, and new experiences to everyone, and realizing good finance in the digital era as we lead change in a fast, bold spirit of determination.

2. ‘Connecting space-time, future, and value’is our pledge to create a financial platform that has evolved one step further through innovation in digital finance to provide services anywhere you are and any time you need them, as together we create a new world.

3. 'Beyond finance for all'demonstrates a promise to not just provide the financial services needed by our customers, shareholders, and society, but also to take the lead in sustainable management and the realization of social value as we grow together.