The starting point of great success is always an exciting vision.
All members of Hana Financial Group have worked together, from the bottom to the top, in an effort to gather opinions on reestablishing the group’s mission, a new vision and core values for the next ten years, which will become the standard for all value judgments of HFG.
Based on its new vision and values and armed with our pride as a Hana family, Hana Financial Group will continue to work toward a better future.

    • Due to changes in the domestic and overseas financial environments that were brought about by the dawning of the “new normal” era and accepting Korea Exchange Bank as a new member of the Hana family, Hana Financial Group needed to redefine its role and goals to match the group’s current status and potential. In light of this need, HFG has established a new vision, mission, and core values.
    • HFG’s new vision embodies a strong conviction to establish strong and trusting relationships with all stakeholders.
    • To form trusting relationships, Hana Financial Group will provide its wide range of customers with long-term satisfaction, create a better work environment for its employees, and constantly engage in communication-based management activities.
    • Hana Financial Group pledges to do its best to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by proactively pursuing its new mission of satisfying the unique demands and changes of each era.
    • To make society better for everyone, Hana Financial Group promises to engage in activities that foster growth for all stakeholders. This will be a “healthy growth” that aspires toward a balance of growth, the fundamental purpose of a company, and social responsibility.
    • As it has always done, HFG will continue to be faithful to its corporate role by sharing profits with all of its stakeholders while actively participating in achieving the happiness of all members of society through the creation of shared values in finance.

Best Bank

    • Secure stable profit-making foundation
      by becoming the no. 1 bank in Korea
    • Improve bank status by
      strengthening customer base

Expanding to Global

    • Revolutionary enhancement of global business as a key growth factor for HFG
    • Overcome low-growth/low-margin domestic market environment

Stable Portfolio

    • Establish stable business portfolio for HFG
    • Provide one-stop comprehensive banking services that are based on a foundation of synergy

Trusted Group

    • Reflect “trust,” a key foundation for differentiation, in strategic goals
    • Improve HFG’s brand image
    • Strengthen security measures for the protection of bank clients