• The essence of the financial industry is trust. Therefore, Hana Financial Group is doing its best to achieve the happiness of its clients, because we know that it is only through the true satisfaction of its clients that a financial company can built trust. Hana Financial Group will create a strong foundation of trust with all stakeholders as well as with society in general.

  • We will continue to research changing trends to stay one step ahead of the competition and provide products and services requested by our customers. In a constantly changing market, we will dedicate the energy and spirit of HFG to creating the financial products that customers truly desire.

  • Hana Financial Group has the largest global network of all Korean financial institutions, but we will not allow ourselves to become complacent in this fortunate position. We will move on to become a leading player in the new global financial market as well as a name that represents Korea on the world stage. We will transform HFG into a truly global power player through a glocalization strategy that accepts and adapts to local culture and works toward partnered growth.

  • Under our mission of “Growing Together, Sharing Happiness,” Hana Financial Group hopes to uphold the fundamental role of finance in securing greater happiness and prosperity for everyone. For the happiness of customers and society as a whole, Hana Financial Group will continue to pursue growth and sharing.

  • I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our clients and shareholders for the loyalty they have shown toward Hana Financial Group so far and their efforts to help us achieve growth.
    All employees at Hana Financial Group remain wholly dedicated to only one goal─the happiness of our customers. In this way, we will grow, expand on a global scale, and pursue a better future side by side with our customers and shareholders.
    Thank you.