Hana Financial Group makes its best efforts to faithfully fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and pursue healthy,
mutual growth with all its stakeholders, in accordance with its mission statement “Growing Together, Sharing Happiness.”
Hana Financial Group’s mission statement serves as a foundation for “Code One” (the Group’s code of ethics), which presents the company’s ethics-based standard of decision-making and code of conduct and lays the groundwork for the company’s effort to prioritize human rights in its business activities. In addition, Hana Financial Group supports the principles of human rights proposed by the UN in its Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Going forward, the Group will continue striving to protect the human rights of all its stakeholders and prevent human rights infringements, as outlined below.

    • Ban on discrimination(Article 2 of Code One)
    • Fair evaluation and compensation(Articles 18 and 19 of Code One)
    • Safe work environment(Human Rights Management Guideline, set forth by the National Human Rights Commission of Korea [NHRCK])
    • Improvement of working conditions (Article 20 of Code One)
    • Protection of financially underprivileged groups(Guideline for Consumer Protection, set forth by the Financial Supervisory Service)
    • Ban on discrimination in the provision of financial services
    • Protection of personal information(Article 5 of Code One)
    • Provision of useful financial services (reflecting the Group’s vision)
    • Provision of information in a fair and transparent manner(Article 22 of Code One)
    • Preservation of mutually reliable relationships
    • Enhancement of value of shareholders and investors(Article 24 of Code One)
    • Coexistence and mutual prosperity(Article 23 of Code One)
    • Ban on unfair and fraudulent transaction
    • Provision of support for ethical, human rights-based management(Human Rights Management Guideline, set forth by the NHRCK)
    • Protection of the human rights of members of local communities(Human Rights Management Guideline, set forth by the NHRCK)
    • Provision of support for underprivileged groups(Article 25 of Code One)
    • Blocking of fraudulent transactions