First, the Group gives back to society by providing financial educationas a form of investment in human resources, which will be crucial in the future.
Second, the Group offers financial services that create value for its customers and society in general, aiming to realize its ideal of “Happy Finance.”

  • Education on Responsible Finance

    To help foster a good understanding of finance among youths, Hana Bank is conducting the “One Company, One School” financial education program in cooperation with the Financial Supervisory Service. Through partnerships established between schools and its branch offices, Hana Bank is providing financial knowledge tailored to young minds through instructors who are retired Hana Bank employees. Also, instructors are sent to visit North Korean refugees, children of multicultural families, and students at schools in remote areas, all of whom have poor access to educational resources.

    Hana Bank provides youth with the opportunity to explore and experience future careers by partaking in programs such as experiencing work as a bank teller (i.e. preparing bankbooks and using a counterfeit detector) and meeting professionals like currency dealers and counterfeit detection specialists. By giving youth an opportunity to experience aspects of the finance sector that they cannot easily encounter, the Bank hopes they will find it helpful for choosing their career path.

    Hana Bank engages in social contribution by providing financial education to youths in disadvantaged regions. Educating children in rural and remote areas and ensuring that they are acquiring valuable financial knowledge helps them develop into sound adult consumers. In recognition of such efforts, the Bank received the ‘Best Financial Education Program’ award from the Financial Supervisory Service for 3 consecutive years (2016~2018).

    Since 2007, Hana Bank has supported the staging of an economics-themed musical created for elementary school students. “Jake’s Magic Wallet” is a musical designed to educate children on difficult consumer behavior and economic concepts in a fun and easy-to-understand format. By encouraging the students to participate, the musical has become highly popular and been successful in encouraging children to interact and learn together.

  • Responsible Financial Services