ESG Governance

하나금융그룹은 투명성ㆍ책임경영 기반 의사결정을 위하여 ESG 경영 전담기구를 설립ㆍ운영합니다.

함께 성장하며 행복을 나누는 금융
  • Creation of Sustainable Management Committee

    Sustainable Management Committee

    Hana Financial Group installed the Sustainable Management Committee within the Board of Directors in March 2021 to establish and implement sustainable management policies, including ESG management. The committee, convened every six months, is responsible for developing sustainable management strategies and policies to respond to climate change, create social value, and deliberate on and decide matters related to the implementation of sustainable management tasks and social value creation activities.

    Sustainable Management Implementation Committee

    The committee is comprised of the chairman of the Group and presidents of subsidiaries and establishes sustainable management policies, including ESG management. It operates the Sustainable Management Working Committee to strengthen subsidiaries’ ESG management capabilities and implementation.

    Sustainable Management Committee
    • A committee within the Board of Directors
    • Comprised of at least three directors
    • Decides the sustainable management strategy and policies of the Group (ESG, etc.)
    • Frequency of meetings: every six months
    Sustainable Management Implementation Committee
    • Formerly “Social Value Management Committee”
    • Previews agendas to be submitted to the Sustainable Management Committee
    • Reports the status and performance of sustainable management (ESG) implementation to the Board of Directors and allocates ESG tasks to subsidiaries
    • Frequency of meetings: twice a year

    Organs dedicated to ESG management

  • ESG Transparency
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