Since its inception in 1990, Hana TI has established and operated IT systems for businesses in all sectors of the financial industry, including banking, securities, credit cards, and insurance. Based on the experience and expertise it has accumulated over this time, Hana TI is now committed to providing top-notch financial services, especially amid the current “smart revolution,” which has made IT the main driver of growth and innovation in all industrial sectors, including finance.

Having recognized these changes, Hana TI is striving to cultivate professional personnel in the financial IT sector who will be at the forefront of innovation at Hana Financial Group. Along with the planned opening of the Cheongna Global Integrated Data Center in 2017, Hana TI will rise as the world’s top IT service provider to pave the way toward a brighter future.

  • Founded in August 1990
  • Tel: +82)2-2151-6400
  • Adr: 181, Eco-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea

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Park, Sung Ho, CEO

IT partner that is the core growth engine of Hana Financial Group

  • Financial IT service for the group
  • System integration service
  • Knowledge service
  • Electronic Document Certification Service