Round Date Agenda Approved or Not
Agendum7 round 2018.10.26 Agendum 1) Approval of a Plan to Issue Corporate Bonds Approved
Agendum 2) Approval of Issuance of Write-down Contingent Convertible Bonds Approved
Agendum6 round 2018.07.20 Agendum 1) Interim Dividend Payout for the 2018 Business Year Approved
Agendum 2) Incorporation into a Subsidiary of Hana Financial Group Approved
Agendum 3) Participation in a Capital Increase for Hana Life Approved
Agendum5 round 2018.05.16 Agendum 1) Approval of Promoting Extension for the Nurture Business of Hana Financial Group Approved
Agendum4 round 2018.04.20 Agendum 1) Revision of Legislation (Internal Guidelines on Governance Structure) Approved
Agendum 2) Measures to Improve Program to Nurture CEO Candidates Approved
Agendum 3) Revision of Legislation (Managemnet Succession Plan) Revised and Resolved
Agendum 4) Revision of Legislation (Internal Control System of HFG) Approved
Agendum 5) Enactment of Anti-Money Laundering Policy Approved
Agendum3 round 2018.03.23 Agendum 1) Appointment of Chairman of the Board of Directors Approved
Agendum 2) Appointment of CEO Approved
Agendum 3) Appointment of Committee Members of the Board of Directors Approved
Agendum 4) Participation in Capital Increase with Consideration by Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd. Approved
Agendum2 round 2018.03.06 Agendum 1) Amendment to Articles of Incorporation Approved
Agendum 2) Submission of Agenda on Appointment of Directors to the General Shareholders’ Meeting Approved
Agendum 3) Approval of a Ceiling for Remuneration of Directors, and Submission of Agenda on Approved Ceiling to the General Shareholders’ Meeting Approved
Agendum 4) Convocation of 13th Ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting and Approval of Meeting Agenda Approved
Agendum 5) Execution of a Capital Increase with Consideration of Hana Financial Group through Third-party Allocation Approved
Agendum 6) Exclusion of a Subsidiary from Hana Bancorp, Inc in line with Liquidation of Paper Subsidiary Approved
Agendum1 round 2018.02.02 Agendum 1) Approval of 13th FY Financial Statements (Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31, 2017) & Supplementary Schedules, Consolidated Financial Statements, and Business Report Approved
Agendum 2) Approval of 13th FY (Jan. 1 ~ Dec. 31, 2017) Statement of Appropriation of Retained Earnings (draft) Approved
Agendum 3) Issuance of Contingent Convertible Bonds with Write-down Feature Approved
Agendum 4) (Approval of Interested Director Transactions) CP Brokerage between the Holding Firm and a Subsidiary Approved
Agendum 5) Purchase of Remaining Shares in Subsidiary(Hana Capital Co.,Ltd) Approved
Agendum 6) Change to Members of the Board of Directors(Outside Director Nominations Committee) Approved